Everything is a copy of a copy of a copy

by aleks4775


       Another all -nighter. This song was stuck in my head all night.  There is a slight buzz in the head. The voices outside on the streets all blend together into an unrecognizable massive cacophony.

       One, two, no three coffees have done the trick, I am back on my feet, not that I was ever standing in the first place. With 12-15 hours of spare time, I will most likely indulge myself in another interesting law reading, after which I will force my body to shut down for a couple hours of sleep. In times like, when I am full of inspiration, I wish I could continue writing my novel, but I left the draft at home. So my only opportunity of creative writing is embodied in this blog.

       It is quite ironic how some of the blog writing tools are some complex and sophisticated, yet there is no real option for a TAB. So instead I have to type 5 spaces. That brings me to one interesting point. Limitations serve as a ground for growth of creativity.  Because essentially  by having boundaries your mind is trying to think “out of the box”. It can be something as simple as literally typing 7 spaces because there is no option to use the TAB button. When I first started to shape this blog from design point of view, I realized how many limitations there were. There was an easy way of paying 30 bucks for customization, but I mean come on, who would do that? I started searching for templates that had certain options for widgets and headers and footers. In the end I was able to find quite a nice style for my blog, emphasizing content over visual design; I like to keep it minimalistic.